The Weekly Accountability 1

4 Jul 2021



  • Biohackers Figure Out How To Make Insulin 98% Cheaper. They have been working on it for more than 5 years and have been incrementally improving it and are now close to generic injectable insulin. The manufacturing is difficult and needs specialised tools and materials, so they are looking at sharing the formula with local manufacturing centres. More
  • A police officer in the US has been caught on tape confessing to playing a Taylor Swift while being recorded to get the video taken down by YouTube’s automated copyright scanners. While a song playing in the background is legal, the automated systems will still flag and take it down. More
  • The author’s brand was taken over by Chinese company in Amazon due to the author not having trademark over the name even though he was selling the product with that name for years. The company subsequently listed an entirely different product under the same listing, preserving reviews and ratings. More




  • Google’s desginers talk about what good design means to them with examples. More
  • The author talks about how they managed to change the search functionality of Sourcegraph under the hood without breaking it More


  • A list of books that’ll help you get structure large projects better. More



  • The article defines what ’flow’ is and ways to getting into flow like being mindful of the things that you do and engaging in meaningful activities. More