My Motivations behind the Blog and Newsletter

3 Jul 2021

This is a post detailing my reasoning behind the blog and the structure of the newsletter releases.

Blog – Manufactured Prestige

It all started with this blog post where the author talks about prestige and it’s role in one’s career. It resonated with me and made me think of all the instances I have seen my colleagues do the same, albeit unwittingly. For some bizarre reason that I hope to recognise one day, I decided starting a blog would be the best way for me to manufacture prestige.

Newsletter - Shahrukh & Accountability

I was talking to my teammates about this idea and Shahrukh suggested I do something similar to Daniel Miessler’s newsletter. I was not entirely new to this idea, having been familiar with tl;dr sec newsletter for sometime and I felt it would hold me accountable to read more. So, that was added as an additional component in my blog.

The newsletter, aptly titled Accountability has three distinct types of content.

  • The Weekly Accountability, as the name suggests will be released weekly on monday, is a list of curated content that I read/watch/listen/encounter throughout the week. It will be spread across various topics that I randomly encounter. I include what I find interesting.

  • The Monthly Not a Book Review, is a monthly release on the first day of every month about atleast one book that I read in the previous month. It is aimed to be a concise, actionable summary of the book, which is, but not limited to, excerpts that you can use in your daily conversation or presentations, a bulleted list of things that the book tries to tell you.

  • The Quarterly Project, will be a write-up on a project that I did during that quarter.

I plan to add RSS and email subscriptions to the newsletter, in the near future.